Youfoodit makes use of the technical and creative skills of Youexpo Srl.

Youexpo is a young communication agency: not only because it was born only a few years ago, but also because it is made by a young creative team, which, led by recognized professionals in the field, is able to face any challenge in an innovative and dynamic way.

VIDEO & MOTION GRAPHIC: Youexpo is able to make videos of all kinds to achieve the marketing goals. Latest generation equipment (Red Dragon, Drone…) and an experienced and capable team provide timely results and absolute quality.

BRAND IDENTITY: Creating brand identity is the pillar for efficient business communication. Youexpo can develop brand identity for any business reality creating clear communication strategies, structuring and translating them into engaging creative output.

WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: The website has become an integral part of the brand identity. The objective is to provide a web platform that is not only visually appealing and easy reference, but above all represents a truly useful tool for the customer.

MOBILE AND APP: Harnessing the mobile network is now available to everyone thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, netbooks… For this, Youexpo not only realizes responsive websites, but also applications (iOS and Android) for every company requirement.

ADV AND PROMOTION: Taking care of advertising and promotion means designing engagement strategies and creative campaigns as an emotional tool to convey the values, the products and the services of a brand. Youexpo also takes care of all the bureaucratic aspects, monitoring the trends in real time.

UNCONVENTIONAL AND EVENTS: Youexpo organizes and produces moments of contact and interaction between brand and audience, taking care of every technical aspect of an event; design, location, stage design, content and scheduling are designed and studied rigorously in the control optical budget.

STAND AND EQUIPMENT: Design, production and technical support, logistics and bureaucratic step by step; a complete and accurate work in all phases of realization: before, during and after. The goal is to build stands and installations that reflect the image and the customer’s ideas.